One of the goals of this project is to curate existing and emerging information that is of direct relevance to the development of a Higher Education in Prison Research Infrastructure (HEP RI).

As the project progresses, we will add additional information to this page, including webinars, materials and instructions for disseminating hard copies of the working paper to incarcerated individuals, and resources developed by the broader HEP community.

August 2021

Advancing Higher Education in Prison Research

In our first webinar, we discuss how Ithaka S+R is conceptualizing a research infrastructure to support the higher education in prison (HEP) field. We explain why such an infrastructure is important and how our organization is collaborating with the HEP community to contribute to this goal. Prominent HEP researchers Erin Corbett and Sarah Tahamont reflect on how their current work would interact with a coordinated research infrastructure and how such an infrastructure could support the field. Joining the conversation, researchers and other stakeholders weigh-in on topics like ethical research practice, navigating IRBs, and publishing in the HEP space.

Learn more: read and interact with “Facilitating a Higher Education in Prison Research Infrastructure,” the discussion paper guiding our work.